Motorsports Law

This introduction isn’t about making “roaring engine” clichés, or telling you that you will receive “pedal to the metal legal representation” from Berger Law — even if the sentiments are true. For one thing, the way vehicle development is headed, it’s becoming more and more accurate to say “put the pedal to the carbon fiber,” which just doesn’t roll of the tongue, and for another, sayings don’t win races — relationships (be it among the team, sponsors, partners, suppliers, and fans) do. Berger Law is here to help you achieve success in those areas, so that you can race your heart out on the track. We’ll focus on the legal lines, while you focus on the racing line.

The need for transparency in agreements and legal language is not exclusive to business agreements and governance. Motorsports Law is not a popular focus for attorneys, but Berger Law understands the importance of intentional representation for the racing industry. Relationships between drivers, team owners, vendors, sponsors and more are all intrinsic to the identity of the racing industry and, not unlike businesses, it cannot operate in a vacuum. Berger Law provides council for the following matters:

  • Contract agreements and drafting
  • Contract negotiations
  • Sponsorship negotiations
  • Licensing agreements
  • Dispute resolution
  • General business matters.