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Berger Law, LLC provides legal services for those looking to start a new business, nonprofit, or campaign, as well as providing counsel for matters relating to governance, operational, and ongoing compliance.

Common to every business, nonprofit, and political campaign, is an endeavor to change the status quo. It might be accomplished by providing a new product or service that revolutionizes how people spend their day. It might be bringing together communities that have never thought to engage each other. It could be an invitation for people that have never before been involved in their community, to finally do so. However you choose to make a difference, Berger Law is here to help you navigate the legal landscape.

​Core to how Berger Law serves you is an appreciation for privilege. It is a privilege to learn and know the law, and it is a privilege to explain and counsel others as to how the law will affect them. This perspective makes it a point of pride for Berger Law to provide legal services for both traditional and unconventional clients. We don’t have to tailor our services for each client — we get to tailor legal services for each client.

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