Diagram of various management structures of a limited liability company

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I came up with a simple graphic that illustrated different models of managing a limited liability company (“LLC”) for this post, but it didn’t make the final cut. Nevertheless, I don’t think it should go to waste, so here it is.

Displays the different models of managing a limited liability company (i.e., member-managed and manager-managed).

Georgia’s Business Court facing a new hurdle

Georgia’s (relatively) new Business Court was just handed a new hurdle to its adoption. The Georgia Court of Appeals just ruled that ALL parties to a dispute must consent to the case being heard by the Court (and it’s $3,000 filing fee). For more information on this story, check out the Daily Report’s story.

COVID-19 “gag rules” in the workplace

At least when it comes to HIPAA, there are no rules requiring employers to prohibit employees from simply self identifying their own COVID-19 status (but see above for potential issues that could arise from disclosing other information).