A Contract is Center Stage for the Miami GP Announcement

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This past Sunday’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Italy provided a lot of excitement for fans on the track, but shortly before the start of the race, there was exciting legal news, as well — a CONTRACT! Formula 1 highlighted the signing ceremony that will bring ten years of racing to Miami, Florida, starting in 2022. The Miami Grand Prix will take place at the Hard Rock Stadium complex in Miami Gardens, which is home to the NFL’s Miami Dolphins.

To be clear, Formula 1’s promotion of the signatures wasn’t just about providing lawyers with an opportunity to feel relevant to motor sports (the good ones already know we are). These ceremonies can do more than just providing a “breather” to the sometimes long, arduous, and winding path to reaching an agreement.

The simple act of two representatives scrawling their names across a piece of paper has serious implications, but if undertaken with the right mindset, can occur in a light-hearted and fun atmosphere that can serve as a great opportunity for both parties to promote themselves. That’s not to say that publicity should necessarily be the reason for signing an agreement, but if you own a business and you’re about to sign a deal that could benefit from greater public awareness, see if there is a way to to use it to increase brand awareness for both sides of the agreement.

We care about motor sports, but what we’re really passionate about is providing the legal support for people to pursue their business endeavors. Berger Law creatively applies our appreciation for nuance to help our clients find legal solutions.

And in other exciting news: the FIA announced a new Electric GT category of racing. One of the neat aspects about this category is that it may allow for teams to use cars from the GT3 class — which means we might see electrified versions of vehicles that typically operate with an internal combustion engine.